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James Prince and His Mother    Today I enjoy writhing about the word of God, especially the truth that was hidden from us. Many people from the past have been described as nut cases like Louis Riel, others have been accused of witchcraft and burned alive like Jeanne d’Arc.

   I have no Idea of what my fate is, but one thing I know for sure is that I’ll write for as long as my Lord is inspiring me. I know too that it wont be easy to publish all of my stuff, because the truth is not very welcomed in this world of ours. Although, I’ll do my best and I’ll leave the rest to my Creator, I’m sure He can take care of it. (read more)

   My mom (pictured with James Prince) is also very inspiring to me, in fact one of my near project is her story, that I will call ; My Mom's Garden. There is an expression in french that goes like this ; When you've been all around my garden, you will be able to say that you've accomplished a lot. On this picture mom is eithy-five years old. She had thirteen children from which I am the forth, the first boy, so no need to say that I was very welcomed. She now has an offspring of seventy-five. ten chlidren alve, twenty-four grand-children, thirty-eight great grand-children and three great, great grand-children. Like I said, it is quite a garden. I took her fishing with me five years ago on a small fishing boat when she catched her first pickerel, something she is still talking about quite often. She is ninety now and still want me to take her fishing.


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