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When a man came under more than one thousand attacks in a bit more than sixty some years, he has a lot to say and a lot to write about. That happens to be my case, including one from a black bear at the age of seven. That is when I punched this big animal twice on the muzzle and he went away. When in the next morning my dad told us that a bear came to the campsite during the night, I told him that tonight I’ll sleep in the car.


We were there to pick up blueberries, but dad decided to pick everything up and to go back home. I guess he was lucky still to have his whole family to go home with, but I have to say that I was very lucky to be still alive and so were my two sisters and our friend who were all sleeping in a little tent for the night.


The bear pushed me on top of my two sisters, but not knowing what was happening they pushed me back to the bear. That happened twice and the second time I told them it wasn’t my fault and I got mad enough to punch him twice on the muzzle. At the time I thought it was my uncle playing games on us.


My biological father couldn’t do much to save my life then, but my heavenly Father was watching over me.


Today I enjoy writhing about the word of God, especially the truth that was hidden from us. Many people from the past have been described as nut cases like Louis Riel, others have been accused of witchcraft and burned alive like Jeanne d’Arc.


I have no Idea of what my fate is, but one thing I know for sure is that I’ll write for as long as my Lord is inspiring me. I know too that it wont be easy to publish all of my stuff, because the truth in not very welcomed in this world of ours. Although, I’ll do my best and I’ll leave the rest to my Creator, I’m sure He can take care of it. James Prince

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